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Proper Goal Setting for Resolutions

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Proper Goal Setting for Resolutions

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The majority of people’s New Year’s resolutions are gone within 14- 21 days.  This is because people unknowingly set themselves up for failure. Let’s understand how to make goals worth sticking to.


First, you need to Wish and Hope. This is our grand vision, the thing we want the most. The vision that gets us up and out of bed in the morning!

Then we have two “O’s”. The first is for Outcomes. We want our goal to be measurable, attainable and relevant. This is where we get more specific.  The second “O” is for Obstacles, know all the things that are going to make attaining your goal hard – what is going to get in your way!

P- Plan or processes. Actually plan out how you are going to achieve your goal.

I stands for Identity – you need to align yourself as the person who can.

Lastly, we Execute as we don’t need to talk the talk anymore, we ACT.

The Three Steps

  1. Eat Real Food
  2. Less Quantity
  3. Mostly Plant Based (more quality!)

That’s it! It’s easy…but it’s also hard. It’s hard because food is personal and it’s emotional as well. We take comfort in our food and it’s a part of our social interactions. Ultimately, the two most valuable commodities you’ll ever have is your time and your energy. So let’s put quality food into your body to fuel it, to maximize your time and increase your energy.

Let’s get fitter.. not just well.

It all starts in the same spot…what are you eating and how much of it?

Nutrition is really simpler then people make it out to be.  Don’t get caught up in latest diet fads….that’s more complicated then needed. If you take a baseline approach to nutrition you’re going to get really close to where you want it, no matter if you’re an elite athlete or just wanting to lose 10 pounds.

Ultimately what you look for is leanness… as this coincides with your health biomarkers. As you go from 30% body fat to 25% your fitness will improve as will your health markers ( ferritin, triglycerides, HDL and LDL, CRP) will all trend in a positive manner.  It makes sense that as you get leaner your one-mile time will improve, your 2K  row will improve, you’ll be able to do more pull-ups, push-ups, and deadlifts.

Now that you can functionally do more and become more productive you are now thriving. You are pushing away the nursing home and no longer are you just surviving.

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