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Chronic Fatigue Case Study
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Meet Kari, a busy 38-year-old woman with 3 children who presented into our office complaining of horrible menstrual cycles, anxiety, depression and adult acne. She is under a great deal of stress that also manifests itself musculo-skeletally. She loves being active however she finds even a small walk will wear her out and make her not feel well. Growing up she was relatively healthy and very active and never had any “major” problems.

Kari was referred to our office to get more answers, and to have different questions asked.

Physical Signs and Symptoms

Upon evaluation, Katie seems like a normal on the go mom and entrepreneur. However, looking a little closer I could see dark circles under her eyes, a thinness/fragility about her, thinning hair and overall exhaustion.

A deeper look

Once we evaluated the initial paperwork and looked a little closer we could tell that her body was under a great deal of stress and beginning to fail her. She would get plenty of sleep at night however still wake up exhausted, by the mid afternoon she needed to lay down to rest and get ready for her kids to get home. This really impacted her ability to get work done and the everyday work of running a household.

We had several tests run to search for the underlying problems that are making her feel like this.  We began by evaluating the 6 pillars of health and found that she had mitochondrial dysfunction, sex hormone dysregulation and under a lot of stress.

Markers of Poor Hormone Function

Markers of Poor Mitochondrial Function

Getting her life back

To begin with we focused on skills to help manage her stress, this started with eating at proper intervals to balance her blood sugar, getting to sleep earlier and to incorporate important habits like deep diaphragmatic breathing and some time for herself each week. At first this was hard for her because she has been so focused on her kids, but after talking with her she was able to understand how important it was for her to take care of herself so she could be even better for all of those important people in her life. As she continued to work on her lifestyle and nutrition we implemented a specific supplement treatment program to help aid the body in healing the underlying issues.

Kari is now able to enjoy increased physical activity without the consequence of feeling bad the next day, her cycle is more predictable, she doesn’t suffer from the ongoing pain each month, her mood is better. She is getting more done now then she ever has and she’s feeling great doing it!

Ready for change?

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