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Our Approach
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Our Mission

Our mission is to address the root cause of your health issues and restore your health and vitality. Through partnering and education you will receive the tools and direction to live an extraordinary life. Texas Regional Health showcases the benefits of functional medicine combined with lifestyle interventions. Our vision is to help people achieve greatness through health with the philosophy that “nothing can fix your body better than it can fix itself.” Our integrated team of physicians and specialists empower our followers to make lifestyle changes to create long-term results.

Our Approach

Like most people these days, you are probably looking for a proactive approach that gives you more control over your health, one that puts your personalized health goals first and addresses chronic conditions head on by examining root causes.

Conventional medicine will treat your symptoms such as high blood pressure, chronic pain, diabetes, autoimmune disease, infertility or cancer.  However, the question WHY is rarely asked and WHY is what gets you to optimal cellular health.  Optimal health not only prevents chronic disease, but allows for you to think, feel, move, function and contribute at a level of your highest calling.  At Houston Medical and Pain Center we objectively address traumas, toxins and thoughts caused by physical injuries, environment, mental stress, inflammation, genetics, diet and digestion, and so much more.  Most importantly, we work towards root cause resolution.

We believe a solution should be more than a band-aid, pill or crash diet.  Imagine having functional medicine, chiropractic, pain management, physical therapies, nutrition, and more, all under one roof and all working together with advanced technologies, therapies, and treatments focused on YOUR health.  Our multi-specialty team of experts understands the mind body connections and patterns necessary for maintaining homeostasis, where disease, illness and dysfunction cannot exist.  At Texas Regional Health we provide a plan, a partnership, and a promise so that you can start living a better you.

Our Theory

Let’s put the above philosophy of The Texas Regional Health approach in simpler terms.

You can compare our approach to your house being on fire.  If your house if on fire, you call a firefighter to come put out the fire, which is where conventional medicine is important.  However, who would you call to come rebuild the inside of your house?  You would not call the fire department because their job is already done.  You would call a carpenter.  This is where modern functional medicine comes in.  We rebuild and balance your body to restore your body’s health and vitality.

A common misconception most people have is that they think of their body as separate pieces functioning independently of each other.  An example of this is eczema.  Conventional medicine typically gives a patient who has eczema a steroid cream to treat the skin, however, eczema is actually a “gut” issue, and also a “brain or neurological” issue. Everything is connected!  Just like a fine automobile, all parts must work together in order to provide peak performance, and just like cars, your body needs regular tuning and care in order to maintain this performance.  What you put in your car is essential and important.  However, unlike a car, there are no readily available replacement parts for your body.  Therefore, to ensure balance and healthy longevity, it is essential to take care of your body as a whole and not just treat individual symptoms.