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Medically Proven Weight-loss (LIPO) Injections
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Medically Proven Weight-loss (LIPO) Injections – Burn Fat, Gain Energy Today. 

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You will receive:

    • Medical Exam – Everyone is different and this exam will provide us with the necessary information to create a plan that is just right for you.
    • Initial Blood Work – These tests will tell us how to customize your plan and help you attain your weight loss goals.  
    • Four Lipo Injections – Filled with B vitamins and amino acids, these injections will assist your liver and help you lose weight. You will receive four lipotropic weight loss injections from doctors who are trained and experienced in this field.
    • Doctor Consultation – You will meet one-on-one with our trained doctors who will advise you on how to reach your weight-loss goals.
    • Individualized plan – We will show you exactly what you need to do to lose weight and keep it off
    • Nutrition Plans Find out which foods are right for your body makeup and what you should steer clear of!
    • Support SystemDon’t do live alone – and don’t lose weight alone either. We have accountability and support so that you feel empowered during your weight loss journey.

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For as little as a latte per day, you can lose weight, feel good, and live your life by design.

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Don’t miss out on losing weight, the medically proven, natural way.

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What if that stubborn weight suddenly released – what would you do with more energy, normal hormone balance, no more brain fog, clearer skin, and a healthy liver?

You might have more time and energy to enjoy the things you love doing – but how does this happen? It’s not some pill or extreme diet – or starving yourself either. A Lipo injection just fuels your body with vital nutrients – that it’s already craving – to help you lose weight and gain energy.

Lipo injections help the body break down fat so you can lose weight naturally.

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In today’s world of processed food and drive-thrus, it’s easy for our livers to get overworked and congested. When there’s a backlog of bile, it creates fat and unwanted extra pounds. The lipo nutrients help the body properly release toxins and unwanted weight. As weight falls off, you may experience

more energy,

better sleep,

less depression and anxiety,

clearer focus


more confidence

– and those are just a few of the benefits you may see.



What’s in the Lipo Injection?

The Lipo injection is full of B vitamins and amino acids. To break it down further it contains:

  • Choline
  • Inositol
  • Methionine
  • L-Carnitine
  • B12
  • B Complex vitamins
  • Other vitamins, minerals, and amino acids


What are Lipotropic weight loss injections? Essentially Lipo rejuvenates your liver. A liver often gets congested when it cannot process the food we eat. Lipo recharges the liver and enables it to break down fat cells and helps get proper liver function in place once again.

How do I know if I’m a candidate for Lipotropic injections? Under medical supervision, anyone can be a candidate for Lipo injections.

Are there safety issues or side effects? No, there are no safety issues or side effects. They are safe weight-loss injections and effective.

Do I need to prepare ahead of time for the injection? No, there is no prep work involved with this procedure.

Is this going to be painful? The needle used is very fine and makes the procedure painless for most patients.

How much do lipo weight loss injections costFor a limited time, the Lipo injection is $99. This includes a medical exam, lab results, four lipo injections, and a doctor consultation.

What should I expect? You’ll start with a comprehensive consult with one of our doctors that will include blood work, body measurements, a weigh-in and a physical exam. Based on the information we gather, we will create a tailored plan just right for you.

How long do results (aka my weight-loss) last? We recommend a clean eating diet and regular exercise during your injections. Our team of trained medical professionals will help you set healthy rhythms in place so that once you lose the weight, it doesn’t come back.

weight loss injections - lipotropic - sugarland - texas regional health and wellness

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