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Pain Management
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Pain Management

Texas Regional Health has partnered with highly experienced pain specialists to treat our patients in conjunction with their comprehensive and physical medicine programs.

Minimally Invasive Pain Injections and Procedures:

  • Cervical Steroid Injection
  • Lumbar Epidural Steroid Injection
  • Facet Joint Injections for Neck and Back
  • Radio Frequency Lesions (Burning nerve roots)
  • Intra-articular Injections (elbow, knee, shoulder, ankle)
  • Lumbar discograms (performed at nearby Ambulatory Surgical Centers)
  • and more!

In addition to pain injections and natural pain management intervention therapies, Texas Regional Health will help you not only alleviate pain and inflammation, but also provide a platform for healing and regenerative growth.

Stem Cell Modulators

At Texas Regional Health, we offer advanced human amniotic injectables, or membrane allografts, to modulate inflammation, reduce scar tissue formation, and enhance healing. The hundreds of growth factors, specialized cytokines, and enzyme inhibitors include:

  • Transforming Growth Factor Beta (TGF-ß1) – Promotes normal soft tissue healing and reduced scar formation
  • Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF) – Promotes cellular proliferation and important for collagen matrix formation
  • Platelet Derived Growth Factors (PDGF AA & BB) – Promote cell proliferation in connective tissue and enhance soft tissue healing

Laser Therapy

Our Laser Therapy treatment produces phenomenal results for pain relief and rejuvenation. Infrared laser therapy works by stimulating the cytochrome oxidase enzyme in your cells’ mitochondria. It enhances microcirculation and stimulates the red blood cell flow in the area being treated. Laser therapy helps reduce pain and inflammation and enhances tissue healing in hard and soft tissues, including your muscles, bones, and ligaments. It also returns venous and lymphatic function, as your tissues become oxygenated. Our laser therapy utilizes three infrared wavelengths that can deeply penetrate into your body to reach areas like your spine and hip. It also costs just a fraction of surgery without exposing you to the side effects of surgery or infections.